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I hope we can work together in 2021

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Workshops in my studio, at home

                                          Annie xx

Annie runs exploratory art workshops with the emphasis on 'there's no wrong' - to help give you confidence and to find your way into creative 'play'. Experimenting with materials and techniques, relaxing and 'doing', reflecting and problem solving are some things Annie loves to help you with

My studio is in my garden. It is a converted cart shed.

There is plenty of space for a maximum of 6 participants (or eight of you if you are all good friends!)

Extra Precautions for Covid-19

Increased Cleaning: I will sanitise workshop surfaces, the toilet and kitchen surfaces prior to each workshop. I will provide anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser

Social Distancing: There will be a maximum of 4 participants at each workshop, if government guidelines stipulate that we still need 2m social distancing, by June 2021.  As your tutor, I will keep my distance from participants you are happy for me to move closer. 

If this happens, being side by side is better than face to face and on these occasions, we should both be wearing face masks.

Inspired by Mary Fedden 

Date - TBC – 10:30 to 16:00   maximum 5 people 

Combining natural forms with still life objects, you will create your own artwork that is inspired by Mary Fedden - using gouache, which she favoured for smaller studies. You may also use collage, in the way Fedden employed it, later in her career.


Mixed Media and Stitch Abstracted Landscapes
Date - TBC – 10:30 to 16:00   5 people maximum

Make simple drawings, for a deeper understanding of your chosen objects/images. Work with the abstracted landscape theme to explore interesting ways of combining oil pastels, inks and paint onto paper and fabric. You’ll add simple hand stitching – with threads and paper - in order to bring dimension to your project.


Concertina Sketchbook Workshop

Date - TBC – 10:30 to 16:00   maximum 5 people

Fill a concertina sketchbook with mixed media artwork - themed, imaginative, abstract, pattern and print - flowing across pages to produce a unique sketchbook. Trial and explore a range of media - combining ink, pens, paint, matt medium, pastels, collage and more


All materials included at every workshop. 

Annie carefully plans each workshop to appropriately cater for all levels of ability. 


Other educational activities Annie is engaged with:

working as an artist educator at SCVA: a two-day workshop with Lowestoft pupils

  seminar lead: 'creativity in learning' module: BA in Education, UEA

workshops for adults - this image is from 2019 at Blythburgh: 

'abstraction and mark-making from the landscape: experiments in mixed media'

this was a workshop in the studio: 'exploring drawing'

mixed media workshop at The Art Trading Company in Bungay, Suffolk

graphic score workshops at OPEN, Norwich, collaboration with musician Chris Dowding

... to you, when you come to my workshops: