Annie Brundrit

 Art & Workshops 

Recently, I have been playing around and experimenting with various ideas 

There's no plan and no intention - literally aimless creative play

Some of it is made by hand, some digital and some - a combination of both!

I'll keep editing as I go, adding some and removing others

Eventually, I imagine, it will become more coherent - as I find direction - maybe

I enjoy repeats and pattern, which I use to create order from chaos and to represent the rhythm of daily life


For me, towers or 'dwellings' represent family or stability - they are keepers of stories.

That's what inspired this series - made with found paper collage and hand drawn linear detail

A departure into 3D - using wood off-cuts. Playful and literally 'play things' - I'd love to make them 20 feet high!

Installation at NNEP Cley next the Sea, Norfolk - beach-find materials and burnt letterforms